Independent Study

Honors Independent Study SyllabusSCA Gifted Education Services
Advisors: Mrs. Victoria Kozlek Mrs. Allison Burrell

Grade Level: May be taken during any high school year; students have the opportunity to complete this course each year, subsequent years will require conference with advisors to determine increased rigor (eg. greater depth of topic, increased focus on grammar and writing skills, greater depth of oral/visual presentation, etc.)

  • Mentoring relationship with a professional matched to student’s field of interest
  • Writing workshop to improve written communication skills-- high school library, presented by advisors
  • Research day at Bloomsburg University’s Andruss Library with the assistance of advisors and a university research librarian
  • Gifted/ Talented resource room; high school library
  • Help from advisors available-- in group sessions and individually

  • Minimum average of 93% in previous English classes
  • Two teacher recommendation forms (for 1st-time applicants)- one English teacher and one from field related to your topic
Academic Expectations:
  • Consistent, positive work ethic
  • Ability to complete work independently and responsibly
  • Critical reading and thinking skills
  • Superior verbal skills as applied to mentor interactions and oral presentations
  • Effective research and writing skills
  • Cooperative and active participation in all learning environments
  • Maintains and fosters academic integrity
  • Professional dress for all visits with mentors and/or clients/ patients
  • Professional courtesy and proper telephone etiquette
  • Mandatory oral/visual presentation of research
  • Mandatory attendance at School Board meeting in May to share project

Course Description: The Independent Study Research Project is a 1 credit honors level course in which talented students carry out an intensive job shadowing experience with a local professional as their mentor, over a six month period. At the same time, a research project to investigate a research question developed between the student and mentor will be completed, including a 15 page paper, a visual presentation (PowerPoint, poster, etc.) and an oral presentation to a panel of adults.

Assessment: Checklists and rubrics of written work and oral/visual presentation
  1. Signed contract .
  2. Proposal
  3. Attendance at SCA research and writing workshop and BU Library Day
  4. Portfolio
  5. Separate installments of the research paper (4 sections and bibliography)
  6. Oral/ Visual Presentation
  7. Final copy of paper and portfolio
  8. Log of time spent on project (including 12+ hours with mentor)
  9. School Board presentation